Chill Pilligan's Island

or "The Curse of Thinking Hard Too Much"

do something right
the poet needs to
Do something! Write!
the poet hums to

a molasses tune
feels the rain drip down
through deciduous June.
ink well fills for dip of a quill

the plume quivers
an opal opioid ink

no one nose enough to sniff up
this unthinkable stink

Battleground State

I dreamed that bills in my big fat wallet
were pink - minted by the KKK.
Then I woke up and saw all the Jackson’s
on my twenties - Dear God, was it just a dream?

So I tried to ask god,
ended up asking Google
read a Wikipedia article about President Jackson
and the Indian Removal.

Some Indians killed 400 settlers in a massacre,
they had their issues too.
Jackson drew new lines 
on the map and said: “all ya’ll gotta move.”

Forced relocation of the Cherokee,
Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Creek
to some really nice land near Missouri
“You’ll feel at home in a week."

A President set a precedent:
“The Trail of Tears”
still how our justice system deals with minorities after
after all these years.

we killed and stole for our freedom:
to own the whole span of it
from sea to shining sea
and now the whole damn planet.

no wonder we still worship him
big face on the twenty
giving thanks
from the land of plenty, it's


My Head is an Egg

My head is an egg - full of marbles and clay,
my head is the start of a day.
I crack in the morning, the sun leaks out quick,
the pages are creamy and slick.

Oh, how about it?
Why not go ahead?
Why not re-read what we’ve not read?

My head is an egg - full of sprockets and wires,
my hat is a halo of fire.
I rise to the sunshine, the glow overhead
burns to figure out life before bed

Oh, how about it?
Why not go ahead?
Why not live with a wink ’til we’re dead?

My head is an egg - full of bubbles and fuzz,
my jaw the conductor of buzz.
I plunge in the evening, the wind whipping past
like the whirr of a line when it’s cast.

Tech with Inequity

It’s 7am in SOMA, California. The sun fills morning fog with a glowing intensity that will soon burn into another sun drenched day of drought in the Bay. The streets are quiet. Most of tech workers are still in child’s pose - but there’s activity. In every enclave and office doorway down Bryant street, people are folding up cardboard boxes, stuffing sleeping bags into tattered back packs, and migrating to day spots. They leave behind strange things: dusty neon clothes, defunct electronics, countless pieces of scribbled-on paper, beer cans, piles of poop covered in 2 year old copies of “People” magazine. 

As the suspended water molecules fully evaporate, human resources of innumerable VC backed tech companies begin to descend on the streets. They pour out of the Montgomery and Powell BART stations with their earbuds in and their iPhones outstretched. They clamber out of the CalTrain crush at 4th and Townsend, deploy their folding bicycles, unfold razor scooters, and speed off down the streets.

This west coast dream delivered these data driven urbanites from some seasonal northern tundra; gave them a golden ticket out of a bureacratic cubicle world. They bit the bullet on having to give their left ovary for rent, and moved to the land of sunshine and open offices. 

Yet there’s trouble in Paradise. 

A man in a navy blue hoodie and Asics sneakers plays hopscotch on the final leg of his multimodal journey into a start up office on Bryant St. He’s watching a Snap Story (yeah, his own Snap Story), swiping down to notices that the ground below his phone is covered in strange things. A torn foam pad. A barbie doll. His eye is caught by a more appealing image, a gleaming flat bellied celebrity on the cover of People. Glance number two reveals the brown smear across the gloss. Frantically averting his gaze, he scuttles up to his standing desk in the open office to wait for a catered lunch.

The fact that there are so many living in abject poverty in the midst of a society overflowing with riches is unsettling. While trying to find a solution opens up a divisive conversation with no easy answers and even fewer motivated volunteers, there are start-ups looking to help. Copia was founded in Berkeley and brings a clean UX to the problem of donating some of the thousands of pounds of food waste created by over-catered tech companies to community kitchens and pantries around the Bay Area. Passing on leftovers instead of dumping them into the garbage is a good gesture - but it's not a solution.

Homelessness in San Francisco doesn't have an easy fix. It’s a symptom of a society unready to stare headlong into it’s own deep seated inequities. And sauntering down South Park in SOMA, where there are over 1000 homeless people packed into every square mile, it’s a sign of an industry more concerned with return on investment than returning something to the forgotten community asleep on the stoop.


It’s 11pm in SOMA, California. Beneath the 101 overpass, on the deep embankments either side of 13th street, a secret city is humming. Real estate is at a premium here as in the rest of the city, tarp covered tents packed in wall to wall on one of the few blocks where SFPD turns a blind eye. Overloaded shopping carts wobble under the weight strange things. Dozens of bike frames, wheels, seats. A large man in tattered leather straddles a tiny BMX, the red hair of his halloween clown mask flying behind him in the wind as he traverses dystopia.

How to Get Things Done

Do something from your todo list.

If there’s no todo list, add a tasks to your main todo list for your current focus project

Do something from your todo list

If you are trying to get something done but can’t because you lack knowledge, ask for help. 

If you ask for help, create documentation of what you learned so that in the future, you never have to ask for help with that same thing again.

If you can’t focus, feel uninspired, don’t want to do something from your todo list, etc. do something from your “sidetrack” todo list.

If there’s nothing on your sidetrack list, add your side tasks to the list.

If you can’t focus enough to even do something from the sidetrack list, take a break with a defined end point. Exercise is the best way to spend time, then eating, then total time wasters / distractions like browsing FB, reading articles, checking on whatever stuff you check on. It’s ok to do these things, but put a limit it on it like “I will read one article” or “I will do 20 push ups” 



- when you complete something on a todo list mark it as [DONE]
- all tasks on lists should be things with a finite endpoint which can be marked as done. Don’t add tasks of a vague or continual nature such as “keep an eye on the progress of project X” instead it should be “ask co-worker about the status of project X and create Tasks for things you can help with" 
- The purpose of this practice is to spend as much time as possible in a mode where you are focused on completing specific tasks and where you'll be able to feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish them. It makes large tasks feel more approachable. 
- With all the project management and productivity tools available - I still find that the best thing for my own day to day task list is a text file or hand written list where I can just cross things off or write "done" when they are complete.

YC S15 Demo Day - Epic Poem

YC DD S15 

ding a ling
a ling
a ling

the program... IS ABOUT TO BEGIN

just a hominid - searching for a homonym 

Teabot, make me a sandwich. actually, it's a robot
one that makes tea. What's this business model
10 sqft = $10k in revenue, converting space to cash
tea is growing faster than coffee, they have a contract

401 ! but not the providence area code, not Project 401
this is CAPTAIN 401. a nervous performer. 
words flowing like chopped romaine, cherry tomatoes
a drizzle of dressing is... impressing?

wow on the brand of this medical thing... circle CI
meets one medical. It's both. 
weebly is using them. I've confumed ash room. 
maybe... I needs a medical soon. seeing through the veil.

wait I need a second. DRY HEAVES. a second... Measure!
dude these stats are bomb as fuck. I'm seeing numbers
they have already hit $600k in annual revenue, so that's coo
"This is why second measure WILL BE the next bloomburger"

A nervous quarble, a good new drug. How about existing drugs?
There was a similar concept in last years batch. 
Lol at a no laugh Viagra joke. "Pfizer is feeling pretty lucky"
Verge Genomics tech good, jokes fizz-less pop cola.

Let's get chinese wit it. but how about a little trick?
getScale is oDesk for factory workers in China
our robot overlords have arrived. 300% fewer defects
oops I got distracted.

SMS payments, this is for lending.
A heart warming photo of a small business owner in Africa
some confusing up and to the right, is this big?
so the market is 3.5B let's go get it

a new kind of car battery? OHM has that
1886 is the year when the old ass battery type was invented
now he whispers, really telling us something, on the low
supercapacitors+Lithium this is real. and better than duralast.

how the hell do I pronounce... Ixchel? ishul. 
The founders are women in nice rainbow scarves, a better look.
drug development with plastic dishes and mice?
I'm telling you 3D is the future of simulated human tissue.

a british asian guy? Xendit. 
their 1.5B indonesian transaction number comes out. as USD. 110k.
I think they were once called venmo of Indonesia
it's compelling, I think there's money flowing

Foxpass has a catchy brand, they make great security simple
but do they up the stakes on a far ouch room land binge,
high on the kites of a fervent desert wind. 
I have to admit, I don't like the existing solutions.

with an andreesen big boi swagger, they take the stage
these guys look like they are about to take over the world
cymmetria tricks hackers. something like a soviet cyber bannerman
two pectoral polo men flanking my opulent technology

OOLU, hm was this what i was dreaming about? Cole would love it
"we're solar city for off grid West Africa" similar to the Nigeria plan
she rode a rural donkey for 6 miles to charge her cell phone. wow
they have a little kit they lease, it looks great. pay by text

a lot of the numbers today have been user growth, without a $ 

Can I have a look at your BodyPorts? 
They rigged up some red head work out man with WIRES, like neo
their thing looks like a scale. 
im starting to have to pee

oooh. Click and grow. The sickest shit I've ever seen for $299
it's a hydro setup as a kitchen island, nano-soil keurigs you get
but does that mean waste? "cheaper than whole foods" not saying much
they already sold $4M worth of table top systems.

and now for the most boring thing ever: Ironclad
we automate legal contracts for companies
so yeah, I'd pay not to have to think
about this.


I'm now fully torqued.
I'm back
I'm ready torpedo loaded, no lack of flow since six months ago

the intensity of this room, lowers my flow
a fervor, almost a pro sports game in here
inspiring images splay the screen
flayed founders, bearing all

narcotic elements trickling through the crowd my screen melts
the effects one small step can have.
allocating some resources here. this is all PRE show
QASAR with the loud ass whistle

let's do this.

Tab. sort of a relevant name for thsometinnhr
but it's one off. you can pay with Tab, Guatemala, Argentina
Americans are so crass they say "GWATA MALA" 
ok, this is going to be harder than I thought.

Nebia is a great shower head that I've heard of. Garry Tan
must have posted about it.
Kickstarted -1.9M raised thata way. how delivered bruh?
"This creates an experience that is immersive ALMOST CLOUD LIKE"

whatever breaks, the format, makes the format

may not sound particularly sexy? It ain't fool.
they have dollar growth! It peaks out around 150k guessing monthly?
so maybe, shit... Justin got Buzzfeeded
cause of the weird racist troll. 

whoa... ok she looks cool.
they have $20k in weekly revenue, I think the growth is real
The dudes who aren't presenting look SUPER nervous
so... they have a tool Zeplin, need more name emph.

These guys have that in spades: Supply.
charge within 5 feet. amazing tech. These companies are late stage
performing on a great stage
they need a little paper, scraping minimum wage.

Co-factor is another genomics supplier. can we have enough of these
we're the team that worked on the human genome project
but only you believe it.
I'm having one of those saliva factory mouth conditions personally

ecommerce in asia? "there's something strange about asia"
dude, I'm fucking with this.
don't show this ridiculous growth chart, you had me going
he uses that tone of voice like we're talking to little kids right now heh.

whoa. the dude is having this... self driving electric car. it's dopeAF
Auro Robotics. omg I'm having a hard time keeping it together
the shit that appears on the sides of websites these days
"Vampire looking cat"

preventing cost over runs on construction projects seems
impossible. counter to the nature of the industry?
holy shit, that adds up to $300B a year in the US only 
Hua calls it: "Let's build, but not waste!"

the user experience is the thing that takes a massive, milky hit.
laced with hash.

careledger I'm sorry
but your compelling incentive, snap chat style slide up for 3 seconds
is non-compelling from my perspective
now we are back to this $300B savings number.

guys, it's a three hundred billion dollar industry.
did you say trillion?
no. not trillion 
that would be S16's magic number

lol. that dude has a huge bicep
fuck this, so funny
how did he do it? this product
ShapeScale is the way to be self conscious of the future

so, i think i might be losing body mass
due to these hallucinogens

first person to actually walk the stage, this guy has done it before
most confident format presenter I've seen yet.
Insurance on investments
they are all wearing vest, they have vests on, they are Vest.

but I doubt they own

we built a wheelies at MHQ the other day
now we have a so swag hipster stockholm man in some tiny shorts
telling us about how wheelies is going to beat starbucks
those things are hard to push. 

Serica is financial services for Cannabis.
15% yearly growth rate for that CBD industrial
38% weekly for these guys
cannabusiness never looked so, financial.

ROSS ! yes. the co-founders are so smugged out, swag souace
how old are these guys? let's go replace lawyers together
i never seen such swig warmed flunky side mouth grins

mergh... started to get too many presentations in a row
how god damn mortal I am. we all are? 
why the fuck born into this serious ass world
Tesorio, I'm sorry I missed you.

fuck yeah. "Transcend Lighting" a new LED grow light entrant
3.6B projected 2020 LED market size in US
An HPS grow in Saskatchewan could be making twice as much
with cheaper LED electric power from Transcend

ok these gig ups are merciful short.


the more I think about it, maybe Kendrick was right when he said
"When it's all said and done, Dr. Dre will go down as the best ever to do it"
or maybe. it's because I saw the NWA movie, or maybe Kendrick was right when he said:
"I'm MAD! but I ain't stressing"

the presentation gives me pause. space, or comma.
buttons advancing as do we X O triangle, KEY
all while chilling in the corner is the esc
i guess that shets why what makes me
the daddylonglegs with long webs, 3z.

LUNA, the smart mattress cover. "Nest for your bed"
should still be called Nest. does it repel mosquitoes? 
they fucking revenged on me last night
were they pissed about Friday, when I killed 5.

A nasal voice, a strong hand. TetraScience
oops. I'm taking the conversation to Wen's chat box
telling her weirdly about "Or as I dreamed it last night, ‘lilu'"

focus. focus evan. GrowSumo, is that logo not
racist-or-hilarious enough to get your attention
two out of four co-founders are built for it, strong neck
theres a type of meta level growth happening but for what

Klarisimo!!! I'm already saying it in my head.
eww... this 3D model of the body is disgustingly real
subcutaneous vs. visceral fat? these things exist
now we have the "Google street view" of subcutaneous fat.

xfers is solving what feels like a really f'ed up problem
people are paying IN CASH for online buys???
this is for Southeast Asia, a land where banks don't have API's
this brand name is unstoppably good. "xfers" 1.8M processed so far

beaming co-founder of GiveCampus. 
revolutionizing education fundraising
bringing watsi to the developed world
"developed" we shake it like a polaroid picture. 

boom boom boom 

shit. I'm missing Hickory
it's an 8B thing
to you know
do what you

Drone delivery service, made real, by a quick witting chap
Flirtey. Working? Kitty hawk moment in the history of the industry
yeah last slide "now is the time"
... "Drone Mcdonalds" says wen

This coffee pitch guy is making me really want coffee
while "real work" looms overhead in slack chats popping
I'm going to hit this guy up during the next break
and ask him to pop me on a pod of coffee.

hemophilia app
er, micro. something
The way he is talking about it, I think there's something real behind this
multi-miliioon dollar contracts on the way, big users. microhealth

LEADA, brian says "how is everyone doing" that's nice
he's also already working with us and walked by while I was 
having my lucid nap. funny things these lives.
they work with Zenefits and have saved them $ by someone's reckoning

Jeremy Cai, is the bottom of the stage guy,
for a cool new app Onboard eye kwai? 
purple is the pigment all the more kawaii
the data on hourly workers is highly valuable, you could have said... lyfted

all the fuckin' shit I typed in
drop capital it's piped in
back of my throat coat on this white lightning
crash with the Simba, lion king

ooh it's the guy who's robot made me a sandwich. 
Teebot always failed at that task. 
in fact, this shit can make 300 sandwiches per hour.
I like the idea of this. It's actually really delicious, I just ate one.

911 services... FOR $30 million a year already.
from an elite team ... takes?
nursing homes ... best start up in the batch?
"Ive fallen and I can't get up" - saver of 2(million) lives.

Qasar announces the end of day one, so I guess we are nearly halfway there. off the record

here's a little software XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
that gives you data on what the fuck happens
between that conversion - and not converting. 
this feels dangerously much like something that will get caught in between waves


Day 2... we got a couple more to get through
Lugg will come through
uber for moves, lyft for boobs
I'd say that's a pretty value add service

gigster has an icon that looks like ico. 
I'd say that's tweeter neetles. 
there anything better? "we are the world's engineering department"
a lot of little ghosts under the hood. Founder of Mafia Wars? zynga royalty

Dhaka is sounding like an interesting market
their 7000 sqft facilities they have 2 built already
cost $250k to build and staff. pays back in a year
The amazon (strikethrough)fresh( / ) of bangladesh

"HER" wow. helping women connect with each other
this pitch is unstoppable - 80,000 weekly users
Lesibian/BI/Queer women talk more online than any other audience
there's another chapter to this. it's not just for Queer women. WE are HER.

Jopwell! Diversity has become a pipeline problem.
now a network connects black, hispanic, or native american
a big number is $346k, but what exactly is that
or over a $9 billion dollar industry to make the workforce more colorful.

The co-founder at this company is wearing a sick t-shirt
fully encoded, in symbols. Fonticons.
how do they make money?
sort of.

ok source DNA. oooh. App store rejection on your DNA source code
so burn. so diolysergic. Or I heard that RNA is actually the cooler "NA" these days
they can detect issues in apps. almost like a mesopotamian Ashipu
massmassu, pouring over a sacred tome. Goat eyeball, milk of taro. 

red carpet is a thing taking over India, order for in store pickup.
great photo of a market in India. the original conversion funnel
people opt in to be converted, it's a mall of a world.
everything's for sale motherf*cker! what are YOU buying?

they've grown 6x in the last 2, 3 or 4 months, depending on which slide

gravitational? the boss from Dilbert? 
what about the dog from. 
tired of animal shit. man
dogs shitting, cats puking, excreting bullshit. this place needs work.

the guy from interviewed has a classic look, I think because he was on a panel
I've taken notes on this dude before.
pull up in my company. the hell are ya'll not bumpin' me?
makes me wonder how good I even am at my job now. or what my job really is.

I'm willing to try this product. I'm trying to be ready to die
but is there an app for that? there is now.
I could create my will right now. and I love that idea
say it takes 8 minutes to fill out. 1 out of 4 people landing on homepage create

only life can pay for death
but what can death pay for? about $130M or users according to these guys

watch videos of skilled programmers, watch the tricks
this is an impressive concept.
calling out Twitch - but this is not just a game, these are real skills
and the audience murmurs in agreement

looking forward to unleaching so chaucid lines on all you prospective investors
and barrel chesters
leeking to my laif n see what festers!
dank chrill green
between swarms weave charms to set screens
a net beams over treble and almost edible
here's my little opposistic lapse into chmance parable.


Bao chicka wow wow..... bunnanana yeah yeah
bun bunnnanana here we are.
nick cort with the sport cort looking so star.

The dudes are cloudstitch
and they'll tell you what's up. 
we had em all. i dunno condomed up I guess
and now for.

VIVE, with a font like HER, but where more is sold
and less is bold. it's a blowout
not a sale, but a hairdo treatment for women
and in the future, all kinda good do's

Afrostream is a netflix for black people,
but not in the US. Europe, Africa, and SudAm
Hollywood makes good black content, but it's stuck in the US
they actually charged $100k already. love that

Convox is taking on a gorilla in Heroku, but.
a heroku alternative would be pretty great, with better uptime?
from the guys who USED TO WORK at heroku
talk about the heroku guys worst nightmare. Karma's a bitch huh.

they don't have a free tier, so better for biz?
the up and to right is aight,
but looking the numbers on the left
are still a little bit light

silence for. L. taLia, in some better outfit than anyone else up there
what condoms do women want? those are the ones men want
does unprotected still feel better post karma?
"making condoms is cheaper than printing money"

back. missed one or two

my name is Harj, I used to be a partner
now im pitching TripleByte cause we stay hungry.
the co-founders are post exit. 
they know the space.

im a fire faced
I could never 

GEMnote style impeccable
I think she's right there in our Teespring SWAG space
no, spend money on shit that actually makes a difference.
the same thing the Rap Genius shirts said at my alumni demo day: "FUCK SWAG"

roomblocker has your hurt on locker. knits on these hits
finding fitness in a foot soccer
2.35 B room nights. how many quiet time lovers.
Is this competitive with nextravel?

don't be a drag
im the blood on the rag
im the sutter home and sublter
with fluttering fragments

scoping out 350M calls per year
now or then? I can't really tell. oh it's speculative
more of a scope you in techno tomorrow solution
get an expert on AR

I'm high on caffeine, shrooms and weed
I got it from a pen so it can't be seen
I'm scoping out some start ups tryna lobby for seed
hardly in my element but fuck it I'm clean.

wow, he looks exactly like the guy in the shirt on the picture
thanks, MADEright. looks like you made it right on time.
"Just take a look around you. Everybody is wearing clothes!"
I want to create a cool hack space called "Hack Space"

breakout room. this looks cool. fun.
the better webinar. let's redefine the webinar.
reminds me of that scene in the NWA movie
Eric pulls a silenced assault rifle in the hotel

yeah. Paribus
on the cusp of I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE
brain drifting off to a nother location.
wen can I be out there with "the people"

sebastian, used to be a pro e-sports commentator
I feel like I have heard his voice before.
notes is starting to bug out. making a lot of copies of this file
e-sports has some promise. work with instant.

the salon industry needs a makeover. NEW FILE


because the old file could not handle it
not even one little bit and we need 
A FRESH start.

StyleBee brings the services on demand. Will
they hook me up a haircut?
fly like that.

see me at the end of this? swag is so tangible
find a new cadence three lines
make it manageable.

sywork needs a hykoo looking just lykoo
twitch for creators, are we hitting a niche?
100 M digital artists, all lift off, for the J, make it swish?

you might think it's funny
but it's actually, an entire fucking industry. on BitMovin

ooh it just loaded! they are making $30k a month right now.

founder and CEO of snipe.
share. somehow this makes me want to fire myself
I'm junk.

my ex girlfriend appears to me in dreams, morphing
an echo reminds me what we had
rubs me glad. 
nuts! me sad.

New story is one of the non profits. well thanks. this is converting tent slums
I start my morning off with fire and much purpose
Monday is my gun day. blazing ace - service.

(picktrace) the OS for farms, that run circles around my head.
or as I've been wanting to say for a while:

scent/send bird allows women to date perfumes before marrying them
or the other question: would you marry someone
who wears perfume?

the pitch is oddly compelling. they are profitable. there's money in smelling good

I'm stripe like
John C. Ollision
the pitch I've been polishin' 
will leave em all demolished
all the small ish I'm swallowin'
drinking it down
if there's another number tuber
then it's snuck in the ground.


now I'm watching on the TV from the back row
can't tell you how much better this is. 
I think all of demo day should move in this direction
and incorporate HDR. can you do all that securely? 

qasar: "It's time to sit down... LUCAS!"

there will be refreshments after
and isn't that nice.

social features make better games. pre-packaged software solution
Heroic labs. you could be my he ro
instant camera.

marble maybelline, data we stream. 
and how the hell you play with playdough
cretins. credo is based on plato 
there's philosophy here.

the blue crew is the new crew, back with a drippy dick
or was that just me? 
wish I was reborn just a damn slight less lusty!

there's some video thing going on, like a road trip
but more of a trippy time.
surfing, smurfing. I'm finally barfing.

oooh. Markhor. they have those great shoes.
craftsman only makes $5 on a $1000 Gucci shoe
they can get these great shoes to me for $250.

when you've met someone before, you like them more.
the circumstances of the first meeting don't matter.

or do they?

or are they literally everything. 

the tickets are what matter
having the right tickets
at the right time.

sorry I can't keep writing the poem now.
I'm Bizzy.this matters. Increases the revenue on Shopify stores
internet marketing in the box? it feels so right. must speak with her after. 

can't keep up with demand?
can't keep up with ‘the man'?
times are tough, but here's MIMIR

copy cats are detected. grades are effected
sensitive bits all protected. hella encryptid. 
poly Mantid? expand on that.

starting this Spring
and then 
blow fans on that.

we are getting closer to... the noisy end of all things
lost lipids, crime on my like ID?/

D. D. 21K5TEEN 
why see
before you C mee.

but then I'm plagued by a dream of Lu
that won't let all the you-ness through
so I'm depraved of a dream for two
the path paved, b'th seam weaved through.
it's the same games that make newness new
the light waves that make blueness brew.

with my plate half full half empty, I prop up Plate IQ
and if told you that
this meal ain't HAPPY, large chains like McD's - they knew

delITeful there eden
you're towards the end. I'd say by now.
we've had it. a jello lover. I'll take more. but I'm not begging for it.

so, I guess I'm fuckin' south bay royalty.
had to conquer Oakland just to
prove my loyalty.

app canary in a coal mind
underground my mole mine
these hackers are for real, with no known joke among them.

but see, we have Plate joy here, tryna flip my grin
from a fat face frown to a single chin. 
the key word here is "default" which is a word with similar letters to: Feudal (t)

meanwhile, they are switching out the radiator on my new old 300zx

instawork bold slide deck here
DOS blue, white text, this feels, not technically advanced.
or maybe pre-apple. if that was an era.

ready and willing 
spaghetti I'm killing
confetti is swiveling
up in the air.
is all of your Karma and fear of big Pharma
confident cannabis

fresh out the lab.
with testing, de-pesting, and active or resting
and ratings and rhizomes and
danker the treasure
is SaaSable measured in raquetball
put that on my tab.

put multiple glasses 'bernet on my tab
unthinkable that they would leverage the lad.
the cad, 
the mark,
the tenders at Sparc.
they vaulted from Stanford
we panzer commandered
and that's where the fuck that we landed with that!!!

Serious Sam
with the shorts that go 


you have nothing
you have no one
you are nothing
you are no one

you are a meditative breath
a blade of grass
a drop of wind

you have nobody
you have nothing
you are nobody
you are nothing

you are a lull
a staring off
an unfinished list

you have
you have
you are
you are

you are 
the stillness 
waiting to be song

How to Fly in Dreams

Flying in dreams is a very rewarding experience. Short of hang gliding or sky diving it's the only way for a normal person to have the experience of taking flight. It can be beautiful, relaxing, meditative, exhilarating - it can really feel like you are flying.

What I've also found is that it's often possible to realize that flight is possible in dreams short of actual lucid dreaming. In other words you may not realize you are dreaming but still realize that you can fly and enact it. That said it's helpful to train your flight abilities in lucid dreams because you can put that extra intentionality into your flight technique that then informs future lucid and non-lucid flight. 

So let's say you are dreaming and you want to fly. One thing that can quickly overwhelm the experience is the question of where you are flying to. You can focus on a particular point in your vision and imagine pulling yourself towards it. You may move in the direction but the feeling of flight is not necessarily there, especially if you keep thinking about what you are going to see over the horizon or around the bend.

Another approach would be to focus on pushing yourself along through the air. Putting the intentionality into the motion vs the destination. This "push" approach can sometimes work but often doesn't allow the mental space to figure out direction and feels belabored.

Satisfying flight is more about the sensation of flowing through the air and a sense of controlling the direction in which you travel. What I've found is the best path to this experience is to use an object similar to the sail on a boat. Imagine if you were as light as a feather and holding a large flat object to catch the wind. You'd be flying around and able to control your direction by turning and positioning your "sail". 

In summary my experiences with flying indicate that a superman approach (pushing yourself forward through the air by force of will) and a spiderman approach (pulling yourself towards a fixed point in the distance) are less effective than more of a Mary Poppins approach (grab the nearest umbrella and let yourself be pulled along by the wind).

YC W15 Demo Day - The Epic Poem

or “Y is She Leaving Me”
and “Y is She Still Here”

higherme could be another name for meadow
“okcupid for hourly jobs”
how about hourly okcupid, ok with you cupid?
40% weekly growth is… fake?

nomiku, as seen in birthday boy garry tan’s FB feed
cool device? gastronomy for novices?
same trajectory as microwave, late night TV dinner
demandingly sous vide, barking orders at ya.

holy shit, these cofounders are twins. they look the same
distraction - makes for easier rejection
let’s help these candidates, make the most of em.
ok, a network FX for hiring, something worth it

Cleany. CccKCck Cleannnnnleee bwah bwahhh bwawmm
good growth curve, with some numbers to back
ex israeli army dudes though, funny but scary.
shit man, it seems like they could pull this off

messaging automation, funnel conjunction
what’s the company? outbound
the up and to the right ain’t right
but uhm. yeah we could use it, if it worked.

custom framing, 2B in the US, are we ready to call that small?
are we ready for a useful company, with nice creative
ouch, coming off evil on the shut downs in small towns

priyaiyaiyai priime, featured as best new app. 
garry posted that.
got a crack team kid, kickin it up 90k installs
already best app in the apple store

Kuhcoon, I know this dude, ad campaigns
The logo looks like a butt, dude is a little nervous
the market is frickin’ huge, that’s my TS money
“if we optimize every dollar on the market”

VRban, these guys, crazy headsets
good pitch for VR replacing shit like fake apple stores
the opp is that poppin? architects want VR now
profitable in april that’s a big wish, lovin’ it

whoa, pigeon guy gets us to laugh after his 5 yr prison stint
talking in terms of quarterly growth, but it matters
saving people money to connect with the caged youth
what a cool opp wishin’ them well.

treeline, show some good honey and im gonna make a beeline
sails, is like rails for JS. sounds good
smart guy, platform, what, here and there
github luv

how are these guys, and why did it dip during christmas?
trying to be beat github, dangerous space
well, those guys do move fast, omniref
the name is strange, the game will change

gitlab. me wanna flit and hit that dab
sorry homies but the game ain’t fair. 
not gonna try to get this.  feature creeps. 
they make money, wear cool purple shurtz

Team Note. hong kong guys, making real dough
150k emps as users, plus profit, 180% mom-y
still trying to get the product, but who cares?
all these fools are one win deep.

you are spoiling it with those orangish pink hoodies
coral? it goes weird with the YC orange
working corporate with BnB n others
making some small time loot on gifts

a smart guy with a lock on a strange market. clinical
"metric wire is helping clinical trials run faster”
he’s out of Waterloo

GimmeTap! "We’re the tom’s shoe’s of water bottles"
honest about the good they are doing, clever
free water refills if you have the bottle wow
great speaker, pitching enterprise sales wins

Chariot… that bus
don’t ride public transit, those old asian ladies crowding
onto, that bus
my employees were all checking if they could use it

Democrazy OS. I been wondering what they do
30 governments around the world have implemented
philanthropic seed round, who’s in?
we are - for $50k : P

cloud streaming, no dreaming
paperspace is smooth stream virtual
seems like there’s potential
sometimes potential is just potential.


eSuitcase  i want one
called bluesmart
they made 2.5milli
“comefly with us”

we teach
hire their own dogfood

booktrope these guys don’t have the typical YC look
the founders could be a band of highschool english teachers
ivy league profs in another life perhaps
indulutionizing the publishing revistry.

solar city is operational in mexico - like that.
immediately going after india, brazil, and china is ballsy
oh shit it’s actually called bright
why was that not made clear

make money playing games by betting on yourself? 
casual gamers can’t make money, only pro’s
if it’s legal, it’s straight money - he read my mind
“Kickback”, it’s legal. “kickback is coming on all of them” lol

readme? wow what a name how did they get it. URL?
that brand is so damn frosty
every API will run on readme
suddenly, the room is filled with sunlight. beautiful

“Hi I’m Scott Clark, a serious mother fucker”
SigOpt will optimize the shit out of your shit
“what optimizely did for A/B testing, we’re going to do… 
for everything!”

Raven tech, building voice OS
yeah, it still kinda sucks on my android so yea
product demo, show how it’s not Siri
cool, but where will the distro come from.

worklife man, I feel like I have two much of bewth
make meeting work better homie.
automate meeting best practices, so you have to do it
“growth is build into the product”

shift, messaging app for “shift workers”
excuse me for being a douchy tech guy, I don’t know what that is
another burst of sun, it quickly fades
the MOM is on the MAU’s, I need to see the 

[[[is it snowing outside? hella shit is blowing in the air by that redwood tree]]]

Sirum, helping peope with medicines, saving it
the name is so standard, it brings me down
our medical industry is leaking $300B a year? 
medicine donations are the name of the game!

Frazer and Chris are on the TaskPipe, connecting SaaS
mind wandering to dark places… those dreams
what is lucy getting into? what am I getting out of
there’s a terrifying cloudy sky.

cinder… completely unrelated to Tinder, if you can believe it
this is a sicker foreman grill.
temperature control is precise. It’s like my convection shit.
a little war between these fools and nomiku? haha.

did you know there are 8M “higher income, food loving Americans”? 

A for profit making software for non profits - the “Give Effect”
small? nah, non-profits are getting $360 B a year buddy
“one software to rule them all”
can they sign the big names? hold them, make it meaningful?

moltin lava. there’s a dude with some hair
moltin oh shit, it could be a teespring competitor
I’m scared
no, not scared.

Detroit water project. we have contributed
they make donations go direct to the water charity
water bills indicate other problems
how about water arbitrage? we could use some out here

I . O is the thing - it’s AI, it’s Russian, it’s Luka
Cool text chat with Luka to reserve a table
I wanna give this a shot - i might need it for a date haha
“Luka is already better than Siri”

smartspot doing some gym work
keep going on those reps
need more variation in your tone here broth
CTO doesn’t look like a user

$50B data analytics market
pachyderm wit the elefant.
seems like it will take off 
but not in a way I’ll understand

Lol.. Bagaveev guy does crazy shit
hard to get your sattellite to space these days
“the whole world is launching 12 rockets a year, we will launch 50”


PAKIBLE mr. has a twisted stache
775k unit order by soylent. 
hope the packaging is less ghetto now
and somehow environmental… Jobzle branding.

PopPays. still limit on Instagram
Get @paulOctavius 
omg, scary mcdonalds add
better way to advertise. $135k in a month on hi return

I’m just clinging in here
mind drifting back to the garden.

email optimization
30% DAU growth per day, in the low k’s
these late kicks come slow and soft.

Oliver gets the Sun, color coordinated in Pomello green
how are we not on the customer list? I tried to recommend them
… an apology note sent
will we sign with pomello this eve?

I’m out… the VAN hawk guys pull me back in with a amazing looking bicycle
want that thing so bad.
will pay cash

“Magic is Uber for everybody”

wow, now it’s Trackin
focus is fading, a light glaze sets in
even the coffee can’t save me now.
it’s time for a basketball break.

mashgin guys signed a $50M/mo LOI
would instantly make them bigger than TS
wow guys, cool product
no bar codes, this really feels like the future

hard act to follow but here comes pushmark
they lifted the sames of California limited
how does this work?
would it work for me? - eCommerce marketing

DEMO DAY… here comes a copter.
perceptive labs comes up with the quad
eyes for my flybot
cool stuff


[redacted section]
So how secure is XXXXXXX?
I’m gonna guess the answer is “pretty fuckin’”
“the problem is, hackers kee4p changing their patterns”
“by learning what it means to be human…”

__________________day2(not really)

dunnanana how did Jobzle get into YC? CampusJob
they have 100k+ users and 10k more per week
52 hrs to get a job filled
it’s better than Jobzle, maybe even bester, the best.

transcriptic robotic cloud majigery thing
i dunno man
I’m only so technical
a humble man really

flat monthly pricing
domestic transaction, wires are free
i needed this when I got my mortgage
seed stage banking for smubs

da big pill
kevin hale is intent on the quality of the batch, Cowell 
Justin K. celeb status, swanky Abdul
ignoredly, the show goes on

focus is becoming a room wide issue. too much for any reasonable 
mind to consume.

and… we just cured Ebola for .2 nanoseconds of processing time.

Nextravel repping Zenefits. come on man
my butt cheeks hurt from the implied spanking.
Senefits of me to china, europe, or shin ja pwa
“we are the future of corporate travel, thank you"

can i say this? the ceo is signing me on

Peggie Mango from SparkGifts.
gift me a stock? hell yeah.
now, they are implementing a fractional share
it’s good concept.

…this is me, esc
reporting to you live from
YC , A.D.D.
dub two thousand fifteen
hockey sticks split screens
of legitimate green

the mid game
yes, we are fucking with you.
come join with us
and rule the world

gradberry will help me find an engineer

eBrandValue, we blew them off on email
better than nielsen, I can believe that.
I have a little bit of root beer left in my can

a guy with a fake leg, it cost $23k
I would not think he had a fake leg, it’s kinda badass
this is some next level 3d printed zombie crap
but you just can’t argue with that water leg

Willis wit the tech list.
how bout this dr. chrono guy next to me
he runs the largest tech meetup in asia.
probably not a bad guy to know

rescue forensics. it’s real, it saves babies
help law enforcement dig into that ugly side of CL
FBI, LAPD already signed up
a sting man’s silver lining to the dark web

finally, meadow is here! We get cheers around the room. only co.
“You push a button, you get marijuana”
user growth is slow and steady, they don’t touch the nug
get in the business, “come stand with us on the right side of history”

Lumi guys were at TS a month ago or more. 
I like their product, pop it at the Urban O.
“teespring is a billion dollar business”
I guess we gotta go out and make that true, eh.

Another medical scheduling thing. 
i get that it’s important, but i don’t get it.
there’s more to it, residency
a billion dollar budget I’m sure.

ooh lala wine. I could use some of that right now
wine on demand, can I fuck with it yes.
hella zoomed in gif on that happy wine drinker guy is awesome
you win prizes and shit. awesome, they did $300k last month!!

diassess. not my thing. medical
maybe one day, I’ll get into the medical stuff
not the MJ. the device and scheduling
and oooh, the pills, the money in those pills.

___________________ was that 32 to go, or 37 to go?

breath sensor
breadth, mentors

razor pays
slice u in some major ways
cater to blaze


analyticsMD I see?
but through bleary eyes
an active mind, overactive in action in real time
waste of mind
space and time, low impact. somebody need to pull the mic back

thought you said Nasdaq for bongs,
but when it was bonds I lost interest, checked my pinterest
hint that I might interject an adjective unravel it
financially sound, these people are all animate

parking lot pimpin. now this I can see
if you are in an industry where a 20% increase is huge, 
are you in the right industry?
they have contracts, these guys are making paper.

omg they are called “Smarking”

but if names get you off, how’s “iMicrobes” 
wow, they are doing some real industrial level shit here tonight
as dusk’s first wind comes under the garage door
there’s good money in this microbe game, real energy level shit

oh crap I nearly lost my mind, writing at the top instead of here.
thompson was wringling in my wind. 
having watched the first half of fear and loathing last night
miracle my girl said yes to that.

tylenol comes from petroleum… whaaat?
they created a bacteria that turns sugar into acetaminophen
producing molecules with bact. awesome
$980Bn 'Specialty Chemicals’ Market (20n)

100m people each day getting dangerous infusions
let’s capitalize and sell some product
they do have a pi chart make a trilli look small
cool companies. right in the zone

let’s send more money to the farmers, direct
I agree with that
s py the frmersmoreeel

morrey eel.
im getting tense.

water revenues, we are trying to collect more
we can optimize this
get more sales
more water usage, for less water

brickslot, no cribslot. wait cribspot there we go
young men, college age really.
175 colleges they are already on, 100k rentals
25B in student rent yearly, more than I expected

last minute uber mention may not behoove these young fellows
as a guy comes on and riles UP THE CROWD
instavest gets me in on some good investor plans
this number mongering is getting rough “OVER A QUARTER TRILLION DOLLLLAS”

show me that kinda loot YC?
you gonna need about 33 of me.

or maybe one big pill poppin’ phama brand
battery acid producing bacteria?
and here’s kickpay.
and you lost me. seeing the day die in this hellish warehouse of fire orange

OL ! yes, buy a home without a real estate agent
I like the sound of this.
$5k flat fee per transaction, you keep the 3% agent fee
“Real Estate agents, are fucked” lol

this new tech for medical has my attention
Notable Labs
“Sadly, my dad passed away 3 weeks ago,
but his legacy lives on as notable labs."

Full Text Hack@Brown Opening Poem

dabbin’ and scrabble dabbling
wretch in the gut of travelling
daggering thirty thousand high
in a time javelin

Techult that we revel in
the puzzeling thing

monopoly unstopably
takes probably out of profit, see
yet here while we apparently parent for transparency
currency dribbles out of the meadow stream
down burlingame way

these lofty currents
insurance against
rogue’s island with the piracy
spyroakland city dragon’s teeth
that sink into the shining sweet
and glide into sheets…
zobie goblins
feared man killing courtships on the outerim
quixote ick floundering
this ish signs off
papi longstorf

the spiderly one.