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follow the loose thread,

once you’re behind the steering wheel again
employ a loose grip to

try it out: a little left, a little right
easy. easy.

breathe, breathe.
in, out, in, out.

as it fades, don’t panic:
ends are beginnings.

in darkness there is sound,
in sound, light,

in light, color.
color builds a world and it’s mythology

the story of the coloring book 
and the rainbow crayon.

all of it was you.
(serves one)
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1295985 2018-06-21T21:36:21Z 2018-06-21T21:36:21Z The Retreat

While I was on the retreat, I had a recurring dream in which Dr. Stephen LaBerge stood in front of a group of students lecturing on the subject of lucidity.

Our folding chairs were arranged in a circle around a big arm chair where Dr. LaBerge sat. He was always wearing an oversized draping blue hawaiin shirt and khaki shorts. 

On the wall behind him danced reds orange yellow greens over brain slice EEG MRI diagrams.

On the wall behind us there were windows. Through the windows a lawn studded with odd conifers. Their pine needles were jointed and wisp like, gathering in the grass to form a carpet of fallen foliage. The trees framed a horizon full of roaring cobalt ocean.

Sea and sunshine.

I had this dream every day I was on the retreat, usually twice a day. I was always awake in this dream.

This dream. This is dream. This is a dream. 

A grey haired man from Arizona. A Tibetan Buddhist Lama. A woman from Colorado. A dude with curly hair. A hot Australian couple. A fine and funky fellow from Cincinnati. 

There were people with me on the retreat. The people dreamed. Sometimes we shared dreams, sometimes we enjoyed them privately. 

We awoke each morning at 3:30am after about 4 hours of sleep to do a “wake back to bed practice”. You stay awake for 30 minutes and then go to sleep again, and through this practice, lucidity is much easier to achieve. 

Thank you for reading the first section of “The Retreat”. In section two, I will discuss what I learned on the retreat. Learn forward. 

I learned a few thinks on the retreat. 

I learned how Dr. Stephen LaBerge thinks: quickly, erratically, and with an unapologetic hyperassociative explosiveness. He leaves blanks for the listener to fill in, and if you miss the first one, you might miss the whole train. 

The train is bound for a fascinating destination, but it takes plenty of detours on the way. Out the windows you might see weird shit like the 1999 Cronenberg flick eXistenZ. 

If you listen to Dr. LaBerge’s unique way of expressing himself long enough your own ponderings start to take on the form of his contagious rambling brilliance. 

“So at this point, there’s a dog in the bathroom. And… Hmm…? And the proper way to execute a reality check would be…?” he looks ferociously around the room, eyes widening, hand outstretched, waiting for his response. 

Dr. LaBerge shared interesting research with us. Did you know that you can hear sounds from the outside world while in REM? That you can control the motion of your closed eyes and rate of breathing while asleep? That Galantamine taken at four in the mornign nearly doubles chances of lucid dreaming? That the 40Hz Dorsolateral Pre-frontal Cortical Hypothesis of lucid dreaming posited by Voss Et Al in 2009 is most likely bull shit?

I learned about Yoga Nidra. It’s all shivasana.

Yoga Nidra uses body scans, placing attention at each of 61 stops on a rotation that touches every energy corner of the prostrate body. This relaxing ritual invites a practitioner to flirt at the edges of the hypnogogic state.

The hypnogogic state is what happens when you are falling asleep in class and you find yourself momentarily ice skating on Jupiter before jerking your head back up to pretend to learn more math. I used to call these intrusions “study bunnies”, a word that came to me during a study bunny.

Study bunnies can be induced by laying on ones back for long enough, and if you follow them they can lead you lucidly into dreamland. To do so, lay on your back and watch the study bunnies as they hop out. Know that these bunnies are tricky, they will always try to present themselves as what they are not — actualities. Bunnies are non-actualities.

Don’t be fooled by the bunnies. Label them for what they are. 

If you lay there for long enough labelling bunnies as non-actualities, eventually a bunny will come along that will be so very convincing as an actuality that you will be able to climb into it as one. The bunny becomes a dream, your new actuality, and the old actuality, reality, fades out of focus. 

Now here you are, inside of a dream. And aware of that you followed a bunny down a rabbit hole to get here. It might be a dream where you are still in your bedroom, or classroom, or it might be that you are suddenly flying, walking, running, or gazing out the window of the Trans-Siberian express. 

This scene won’t last. These early dreams usually dissolve within a minute or so. The dissolution feels like you are being sucked up into the sky, pulled by a bungee cable, or caught in a hurricane. This inevitable transition sucks you out of your bunny-born nascent dream world into a formless void.

In the swirl of this void it will feel like you are dangerously close to waking up. You may wake up, into your bed, and your bed may or may not be physical. Most likely, if you are able to steady yourself, breathing in and out peacefully, and wait, you’ll soon be rewarded with a new dream. 

In this formless space between dreams, there is great potential. In this space, the intention, suggestion, or expectation you give yourself can become the seed of the dream to come. It’s easier to set the stage for your next experience here than when you are already immersed in a particular scene. 

You can tie the intended dream scene to the feeling in your body as you are in the void. If you feel like you are moving you can imagine being on a bicycle in a dancing metropolis. If you can feel that you are lying in bed, think of being in bed in a Scottish castle. 

“I feel like I’m speeding along in a seated position — it must be that I’m on a train. When I open my eyes — I’m on a train.”

I learned things from Karma Lama. Karma was recognized as a reincarnated spiritual leader at the age of one, and began his training at five. He taught us about mantra yoga.

Om tara e tara e ture e sura 

Monks chant together to dissolve the ego. The chant comes from the dantian, a point of the body located four fingers below the navel, inside the belly. It’s an energetic point used heavily in Qi Gong, thought to be the source of all the energy in the body.

“From the dantian looking out to all the energy in the universe,” my Qi Gong teacher would often say. 

Chanting from the wind of the dantian, you immerse yourself in the rhythm and vibration of mantra, you become the mantra. Yoga means “coming together”.  So in Mantra Yoga, you “lose yourself in the music.” 

Karma Lama explains to us that when he chants in the monastery, at some point the music and chanting all suddenly stops. During these moment, which he describes as the “space between the frames of experience” we inhale, exhale, as nobody, in emptiness - experiencing the wisdom of no self. 

As soon as the thoughts start again, the chanting begins again, thoughts become mantra. Mantra resonates as yantra, and we sit in our circle:

Om tara e tara e ture e sura
Om tara e tara e ture e sura

I learned that Galantamine works. On the fourth day of the retreat we started a three day long experiment with a substance called Galantamine. Galantamine is relatively innocuous when taken by a waking person. Doses of 24 milligrams are commonly prescribed as a daytime medication for persons with Alzheimers in China. 

When combined with the REM dreaming state however, even 8 milligrams of Galantamine have an undeniable and extremely powerful effect. For example, as you fall asleep\ you begin to feel an intense whole-body vibration sensation. Each hypnagogia is crystal clear and presented before you without a disguise. As you get closer to passing the wake/sleep barrier the vibrations become extremely intense. 

When you finally click over, you’re full blown in the middle of lucid dream without having even really tried. You just know you are dreaming - there’s been no break in the continuity of the experience from when you laid down in the waking world to here you are in a full blown dream. Side effects may include auditory hallucinations equivalent to a jackhammer on the pre-frontal cortex or standing within the mouth of a digeridoo -but it’s undeniably cool, and only occasionally terrifying. 

I was lucid dreaming the old fashioned way — without galantamine — for years, and I still rarely use it, but it’s clear that with galantamine, the chance of getting lucid is nearly absolute. For newcomers to the practice it’s a powerful way to be shown what a REM journey feels like. 

We were given either 0, 4 or 8 mg of Galantamine over the course of three nights in a double blind trial. Most of us woke up at 3:30am to take the pills and stay awake for the requisite 30 or so minutes before going back to bed to plunge into a lucid dream. 

On his first night of full dose Galantamine, Karma Lama had a dream that I will never forget.

Thank you for reading and learning. In section three, I will report some dreams that dreamers dreamed on the retreat. Dream on.

A Tibetan monk’s lucid dream

I realize I am falling asleep. In the intermediate state I sit up into a meditation position, waiting for the dream to begin. I want to stand up but I can’t. 

When the dream begins, I see my master. He has spent his whole life meditating in the himalayas. We do the practice where you merge with the master to receive a teaching. Yoga means “coming together”. This is Guru Yoga. 

As we are conversing, he gets closer to me, and the voices become light, and he lights become one. The illusion of duality melts away. Information is light.

The deceiver lets her mask down when the perceiver sets her asks down. 

A man from Arizona’s lucid dream

I’m standing in a room and I notice one of those old transistor radios. It’s playing something but I can’t quite make out the words. I pull the radio closer to me, trying to listen. 

I can’t understand any of it and realize I must be dreaming. I start waking up. I try rubbing my hands together to stay asleep, but it doesn’t work, and I wake up. I wish I knew what the voice on the radio had been saying. 

A hot Australian couple’s lucid dream


I hear an incredibly high pitched sound. Loud and high pitched. It’s almost painful. I’m certain I have taken the full dose of galantamine.


I am outside my yurt, waiting for the pills to kick in and playing my guitar. I notice Hannah is no longer in the bed, it is now Stephen LaBerge. Excitedly I jump across the room and get close to Stephen’s face and say “GOTCHA, IM DREAMING!” Stephen doesn’t respond so I ask him if we would like to have some chocolate birthday cake? His head slowly turns, I wake up. 

A dude with curly hair’s first lucid dream

The hypnogogic imagery is so vivid. I can see it growing and building right in front of my face. Before I know it I’m in a dream. It’s my first lucid dream. 

I try to conjure up a sexy girl. I yell out her name, but nobody appears. 

I want to fly so I try jumping off sticking out my arms like super man. I land on my stomach. 

A loopy poet’s lucid dreams

Act O - Submission (nightmarish)

I wake up at 3:30am and take the galantamine. Within fifteen minutes I can feel it working a sting in the pit of my gut.

I lay down on my back try to fall asleep and lucid dream but I’m too wired. The gala makes it like that. I can feel the ringing — the buzzing.

As each hypnogogia emerges it is crystal-clear for what it is. The borders of everything are defined, I’m laying awake in bed in a yurt in Hawaii, and simultaneously experiencing little hallucinations. But they don’t lead to dreams.

The closer I get to falling asleep, the more intense the vibrations become. My heart is pounding. I know something is coming. It feels as though an electric force is pulling me up and out of my body.

Then suddenly, I click over to the dream side. I’m in front of my yurt, eyes wide to darkness and surrendered to the overwhelm of the vibrations. There in front of my yurt stands a shade, a terrifying almost faceless figure, greenish against the gloom. 

The eyes of this being are fixed on me as I’m helplessly pulled closer. There is a soul behind those dim eyes and it pierces the depths of mine. I wonder if I am experiencing the border of a Guru Yoga experience as Karma described it. I wonder if that chilling figure is me, my shadow. I wonder if this is what it feels like to die. Then as I get closer, trying to examine the face of this alien presence, I ask “Dr. LaBerge?”

And again I’m awake, inside, on the bed of my yurt. Tingles run up and down my spine. The dream lasted at most 30 seconds, some of the most intense moments of my entire life.

I decide to roll onto my side, a feeling of safety, and I have some of the most vivid lucid dreams of my life. 

Act I - Experimentation

I find myself wandering around a medieval town. It feels like a place where I have been before. I know that I want to experiment with how vision works in dreams. 

As it normally is in the beginning of the dream my motion through the dream world is clumsy. A kind of wobble-walk that takes slower with each step than you’d want. There’s a need to be cautious, not to ask too much of the environment. If I turn around for example, how will my mind know what to fill in there? It could cause the whole dream to collapse. 

I examine the borders of my vision. It feels as though in fact, there’s little content in the peripheral. It’s mostly a straight-ahead view. A narrower field than in waking, upon inspection. 

I try spinning. Spinning is supposed to stabilize the dream, to ground your motor processes in your dream body and maintain the paralysis. I spin around. It works. By spinning in multiples of 360 degrees I’m able to expect to return to the same visual dream content, but with a refreshed sense of stability. 

Act II - Manifestation (sexual content)

In front of a house I realize I want to have sex. I tell myself - maybe there will be a woman inside there.

I go inside call out her name, sure enough, she steps out. She looks… a bit older than I had anticipated, and her face is not particularly stable, but regardless I decide to propose something, “we are going to shoot a porno.”

We go into the other room, and she’s a bit younger now. As we move closer to an embrace, she takes on a new appearance, the most beautiful woman I can possibly imagine. I’m astounded and also sad as I know her face will soon transform again.

There’s a feeling of pleasure, but it’s a bit uncomfortable, accompanied by a ferocious almost itchy vibration in the lower chakras. I try not to focus on the physicality of what is happening and instead on the sensation. 

As it intensifies, the scene melts away.

Act III - Elation

In the grey space I feel that I’m speeding along. I think, “I must be on a train.” I am on a train. The walls of the trains are papered in an endless collage of erotic cartoon imagery. I want people to come onto this train. The doors open and people flood in. I see some at the back. A couple at the back of the train catch my eye and I move over to make an advance on them. 

As I get closer the woman glares at me “Please stop. We aren’t just your dream characters. We are also lucid dreaming right now.” There’s a sense they might be from Wisconsin. We talk about how they are lucid too and we happen to be in the same dream. I tell them that I’m using galantamine. They explain they are using “Tholine”. 

I’m with my mutual dream friends floating on a magic carpet high above a grassy park full of people. The conversation eventually becomes musical, a jam session. I’m singing and playing guitar. The chorus of the song goes:

Here are the bandits
If you feel it put your hands up

The people in the park all start cheering and raising their arms into the air. I’m creating every note in this rock anthem. It’s extremely satisfying. I decide I’m ready to wrap up my dream, and end it on mind melting guitar solo. As I play endless layered archipeggios I feel myself floating up, up and into the sky. 

I wake up.

Later on

I’m meditating on a beach made of large smooth boulders at the base of a cliff. Waves roll in and the sky is full of fast moving fluff. On the blue horizon above roaring cobalt I see the words: THIS IS A DREAM. Again, painted in bold letters: THIS IS A DREAM.

I say the words out loud “This is a dream. This is a dream.”

This too, is a dream. 

tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1295568 2018-06-19T18:30:41Z 2018-06-19T18:30:41Z questions
now what if I scribbled
a text made you giggle
and linger around 
where the elephants sneeze?

what if the light shining
out of a pipe fell in glorious
shoals ‘tween your 
elegant knees?

what is the meaning of
“do as thou wanna do”
if all thou wanna do’s
dance in the sun?

where are the mystery 
pineapple soldiers who
deepen their dust work
in marmalade dung?
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1283789 2018-05-15T16:19:51Z 2018-05-15T17:01:21Z flower bud orchestra
     aphid huddle buds
we humanids tip leaf curl
        her as gardenchild
                came claimed earth
our are flowerbed
rose bud flutter band each
        wise bud aphid string
              whisper queen, whisper queen
        came shaked thorny branch
              spray rose, small bud
with spring bloom each we
        rose new leaf tree year pink browns
                she plays gardenchild
        as past aphid blister we
             all cheer drop bustle
weird we rose in spring as fall
        one moment it happened
        each sploding myriad
        polychrome dazzlers - each
        petro-teal multi-pink tangerine
        all guava-paste mischievous
        saccharide violet white
        burst vivid scarlet sky
            (she as gardenchild)
        truly spressed every color,
gust of once: wither’n’died
pinks browned
aphids feed
spray we
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1283787 2018-05-15T15:50:12Z 2018-05-18T00:49:35Z moonrat
he wast oft snorfhold
undwich som loony binch
guther cruft in odd slot
poinsing an igma, sooch
wert thum prig stoig oomphments:
lost in larchment, shweel,

toinsed til ye
me in,
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1283786 2018-05-15T15:47:48Z 2018-05-15T15:47:48Z America is
America is his
and an unlimited truck
her or are but not
if split America
but the split is and
if not her is and but
America. Unlimited.
Split and if or but truck,
truck was America:
America Unlimited
and are is but what.
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1283785 2018-05-15T15:46:14Z 2018-05-18T00:50:10Z this so
    this so still
so you so
      still so this
still so you you
  this still
           still so
       this so
you still.

tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1281919 2018-05-09T23:02:13Z 2018-05-09T23:02:13Z word surgeon
glistener’s listener
trying to carve bigger ears,
our whole was three halves
but those were big years,
to cry out that lash 
it’ll take some big tears.

when you get it make a wish
and put your thumb on mine,
I still see your thumbnail
when you come online,
left clutching a chord
didn’t strum on time

so - rattled from 
the clatter of 
the scalpel
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1281093 2018-05-06T19:10:27Z 2018-05-06T19:10:27Z So He
So he crawled into the
Deepest corner of the bay
Not wanting to defend her

Know he would always spend
Revere and
Never ever end
Just to not offend her

The heart render

Cheddar bender
And lender
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1281091 2018-05-06T19:08:31Z 2018-05-06T19:08:31Z Sorry i had to
Treat a
Was lunacy
I took a dabbish dank puff
Off a bunch of europeans
Chillin on mission
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1281090 2018-05-06T19:08:01Z 2018-05-15T16:25:28Z Pain and progress
Back in the bay
Shape of the back
Nape aneath a shape of the hair
Way the eyes glitter
Thumb and middle twiddle
And jitter
Its just
The way she’s there.

Turn back
Turn back
I like
A thing i like
And i just love what i lack

It take more than just
a sing a bring a back
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1270890 2018-04-10T01:27:32Z 2018-04-10T01:27:32Z tokyo morning
in my dream
i saw trees
giant ficuses

sequoia shaped

in the morning
itchy sinuses

clouds over
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1263959 2018-03-21T23:26:15Z 2018-03-29T17:43:41Z Rainy Gains - YC W18 Demo Day Poem
vomit on her YC sweater already
paul’s spaghetti

the year is 2018
tech poet in a room full of entrepreneurs
fingers wobble above butterfly keys
objective: 142 companies. 142 stanzas
coffee in the s’well
CBD 3:1 in the ink well

hall fills with shrill bell
up front seibel, kan, altman, manalac
hungry hundreds file in to learn about:


one health


culture robotics

and we're off

j kan jumps on stage “what up YC - I’m back”
cool as he is, 
involuntary power user
of corporate legal service
goodwins rake it in
with no innovation
the slower they are
the more hours can charge
replace harvard grads
with algorithms
its an atrium to a $158B market

necromancers nectome
yes, death itself
brain preservation
if it worked for a rabbit brain
why not you?
preseved the 86 Billion 
neurons in some poor dead guys head
sam made his first billion
by signing up for nectome

two clean shirt hair cut brits
people really use their shit
dream so supreme
i’d take a bump
of what brick fetched two benjamins

pastoral bear flag 
self driving tractor treads
john deere in the headlights

better browser
work station
will have to see
to believe to try

this so fun
great font it’s volley
they are building fun games
for your lexa and siri
yellow slides
they want to be the super cell of voice
900k users, #1 on alexa for games
but what’s the fun?
vocalizing candy crush
colors make me think of honey

sail on the OpenSea
life of pi
tigerless, cryptokittied
buy new username
assets on blockchain
confident pumping his shoulders
up and down, firm.

ligament? filament?
too zyphy to let zuckerb
own your affinity

codesign fusion
unity for all software
who uses haiku wins

for crypto-shy landlubbers Openland
t-shirt show
sf skyline
transamerica, ferry building
v-gulls wing under doodle clouds

snackpass a well trodden college co
50% of yale actively eat
its viral, it’s classic, its sweet
GMV $220k monthly - what stumps these 
is making the jump from the dorm to the streets.

amanda and mike with OSIMple
automates inspection
like bridges.
not software
physical structures
huge clients building bridges
tragedy stricken Florida needed it
and what’s more, they are Waterloo guys.

air force swagger
an addictive lisp
can’t stop listening to 
CEO of NexGenT
IT training in 4 months
techening lives

what was proven
what was lost
beauty products
at what cost
staring down the barrels of
my own dismembered trust in love
so it’s just for your skin
like hers was for mine
smelling her head during sweeter times
room with the blue green comforter
the red couch
what was proven
what was lost
building beauty
at what cost?

fletcher! of hunter2
earnest jedi master
training dev padawans 
up against hackers

doubling revenue
every month
half the price of tradition
margins fat
twice as fast
patent less pending
more pensive
calm all your senses
knowing you own

met the Algosurg
guys before demo day
now they make surgery smooth
gave me the bone when I pitched
them my newco concept.
these photos are rude!

this squad rolls 4 deep
in white hoodies
CEO founder of Groww
robinhood for india
sounds like aladin to me.

persephone biome
cures cance from the gut
no more need to eat transplanted
fruit of the butt

writing this poem is tiring
hardly past 10% done
EasyEmail writes email for you
sentence by sentence
can this poem be one?

what car do I want
what college
which wife?
fill out surveys from Delphia
it’ll printf the
rest of your life

zbioticz says
is the throb in your hung over head
bust out the probiot potions
to lessen the ouch of those
drunken charades

but if you do spew
and then flush: where it go?
biobot analyze sewage they know
how much opioid:
oxycot, vicodins, morph
humans addictidly snorf

future: VR internet
Supermedium the browser

a fading poet
marathon too soon
memora my head bobs
eyes sag
medical stuff flag sag
drag texts drop drool
sugar blood stool
text text mess message

world crisis:
too many baby photos
cute overload
we all die 
filter out only the precious ones
humanity’s chance to survive

1 in 5 female founders assaulted
only 1 in 5 report
connect victims of the same perp
whisper network of callispo
helps discretely match and catch
applause for this clever contraption
loudest out of the whole batch

tributi tax filing thing
25% week over week
turbotax for latinam

smooth selling dudes voicery
nikki their audio swag
so convicing, impressive
making alexa a hag
trained on hundreds of voices
they echo in chambers
sounding off realistic
AI has a new voice

cargo ships only take 25 crew members
after shone only 15
assume the ten will be buying cheap goods ashore
living the dream

tech tries to incept thoughts
change swayable minds
watch focus shift, sway, drift
brain control analytics

doodz in swank pinks
from playbook
let's chill?
u around?
harvard kick its
a new facebook

fire a up torch light the way
burning high exec coach fees away

there was vitame
now there’s nutrigene
genetics determine your needs
then you get customized vitamin bottles
delivered to strengthen your spleen

3 trillion emoji sent in ’17
one glance yields
you-looking emojis 
for days. mirror,
black mirror in so
many ways.

sweet swerve font
california dreamin’
little weed buzz
imma need to cop one
chug it on the go
drinks are consumable
sales boomable, high
don’t have to try, 
low dose of the indo,
now the product
a fruit soda
no blunt needed
competish defeated.

with a clean font look
block on white
follow conversations
top people
cuts some dope slack

dear brightly,
solve my skin issue
with retinoids:
this is a pain.
who has time to go
hunting for pharms
when the internet
arms us with quickening ways?

why would noma or nobu 
use  opentable-like sites
when their coveted cuisine
get well enough bites?
meitre sounds frencher
and rev-boosts etc. ergo
they catch mich-starred fish.

income share students
try pathrise with rising tones
crescendo! tech degrees!
yale, stanford, berkeley, wow!
get a load of these
marvelous institutions. what value added.
what parents pleased.
4x difference. And more.
and more.
and more.

oh, and it pays for itself.
so there’s that.

Cash flow
problem for freelancers
3 month turns take their
sweet time
TrapFi with pull request payouts
enables immediate stacking of dime.

beautiful furniture
orange wood
edges hemnes or malm

look at those curls
lus, that is “love ur self”
strong, healthy, voluminous market

can it be - the first crypto kit:
cuz coinbase and wallets get wack
when there’s tax

what dug digg in a deep hole?
no A/B on the re-D
AirShip allowsophishticated
rollout shtuff

how about these cool print
quantstamp shirts
smart contracts
are the new bomb practice
still its vulnerable
to hacky tactics
conclusion big money 
a milli a month
you really can’t deny that’s cash.

catching a glimpse of the future
I see… more efficient spending in schools
catching a glimpse of potential
educate, but profit all the while

straight like an arrow
or wobbly emoji pop out of a face
augmented insta reality
matching the industry pace

clearbrain is what I need right now
if we had this when
targeting Teespring was on
we could have sold even more

hexel is crypto for a community
crypto o’erstepping it’s bounds
every community has a currency
likes, upvotes, +1’s 
tokens are easy and usable
codeless crypto instantiate done!

with the fast chip
non stop petaflops
learn deep -
burn rubber on the digital street

jack and the beanstalk
gets fairy tale laughs
charm and autofarm
stick it to big ag

after the applause ends.. crickets
oviposts bot farm the bugs
the bug is a feature
the future is bleaker
diets of insect protein
and meat from a beaker

it may be recorded
for quality service
rarely gets analyzed
observeAI helps call centers thrive.
forests, fauna, open seas
I cling to my memories wonderous
sparkling vistas I 
saw in
my dreams.

banks are oldschool
humans work
hammering hands
grunt work

quit smoking
it’s bad for you.
smoke one, it’s fun.
QuitGenius gets you off
stogies through automagical
logics n’ ‘nologies

will answer your Q’s
in purples pinks
marvelous hues
Vaynerchuk loves it.
I used it - it’s fun,
my many “fans” now
have a place they can come
see my friends rolling
in one by one.

modern health
for mental health
which costs co’s big
lattice a client!

vicky employees
600 people at 
jack in the boxes?
is QR web payments
it’s easy
live and onboarding
gather grub data
restos will buy


the camera is tiny
the market is massive
gargantuan $500B
vena. it’s time.

sepsis - it kills us
in hospitals
top cause of death
founder stared
mom in the eye
said goodbye
now starts Patch’d
to send folks home

web hacks continue
the funnel narrows
proof that it works
live social proof
is what Teespring once
built upon now squanders
its the new fake time pressure

dapper dand dudes
hawking veriff
swoop locked
one buttoned
with users
and rev

this is cool
curious fictions 
tanya solo’ed airbnb homepages
plus an author
how can you $
for pro authors
dark trees fading into nice blues

when our
with crystal edge
resonant blades
talents builds with 
student’s sharpened age

focus - e - focus
there’s companies up
on stage. now this one is
PlayingViral. Tuning in.
Trying to hear.
hammering keys, lost mind
gratitude flaring up
sleepy in bed lost deep in love last
year missed two demo days
now, here am lonely poet.

I miss her. 

nightmares are dreams for me. 
dreams are confused, did she 
message me, send me things how
could it be this way, fearful
shivering and bare. 

Focus Evan!!!
Focus you poet. 
you wretch.

Ok, now up: YouTeam
they made $55k in feb
great engineers are rare
but they have… 5 million of them?
those work for dev shops
and often are idle
put these devs to work

here come the orange shirts
for health care for evry one
launch in jan 2019

best way to learn online for kids
lost as I am in longing for
teaches kids coding
infra for schools
brain flickers, mind going back to…
kids and parents love juni
her smell, the way she smelled
good credentialed founders
that last bouquet I brought her and her mother.

mobile wallets are the thing now
flint comes in, giving
helps those with no banks
deposit and withdraw
from a ma + pa
cash easier push and claw

here it is: repl.it
a largest
online dev community 之一
codepen and new AWS.
founders married blessed

better one
works for all
maybe my teeth
will be treated
that perfect smile
‘merica smiles back at you
4% of orths want ArchForm

fix dry eye
help my high
body glue
firm at body temp
take to nevada
in summer 
to lidify
FDA tested

flexport for x
growth hacker
mandarin speaker
and white
did the whole china thing
shopfied, diamon ringed
lopsided poe-brain
high on my mind … 
losing the battle for tinsle time
trying to dial back the …
lost in the …


bloomthat + homejoy
equal bloomjoy
generates content
then syndicates
pulls revenue
off of the ads.

dulma would love this
the podcast app
apple’s in house app
just sucks, only gives 
discrete speed up options
I listened deeply
years, ears came rough
netflix for podcasts
and chill, her 2x casts
mills in kitchen 
ponders her closet

for AR, VR
they grow
ifwhen that happens {
two good guys to know
} else {
technology slow

envkey is hard to say
but seems a thing
a kleenex type of name
has a ring, a keychain

pantyhose only last two wears!?
enter “lip my stocking”-blocking
indestructible pantyhose
it’s sheerly genius 

how bout some data
from blood.
Correllia offers
thousands times more
keeps the mouse alive
with new nanomaterial

dmitry and dmitry
with edwin
ai plus humans
for ESL
learn english 3x faster
to BS well

keeps going .. more start ups
pulse pulse pulse
not the nightclub
not the blood 
more keep a finger on
peer IT, makes reports
to reveal realities
quick to bust out the “T’s”

great t-shirt design
left aligned
teal backdrop
hyper rational user
that real people
can. not. be.


poet = poet + vapePen(3.hits)


don’t know if you
want to sit on the seat of
men’s sit pot 
day of demo YC.

your heightened poet
unfrightened by masses
high on a lithium ion
exclusively scions
that fill these seats

alexis a nexus of energy
pulling in hand shakes 
hugs swirling in

heads begin to gather in the chamber
three in green hats 
all have cash on the mind

katya's confidence
before the show
seeing biorender now I know
drag and drop
markup based
sketch for 
great mock ups
that double as tech for doc's documents
genentech uses it
the standard in science visuals
build some residuals
required by science journals
diggin this pitch which shiz delivers
carteroids in my crushed heart quiver

three in the hats
lap top dudes heartset on no-mans-land games
currency arbitrage
life style exchange
we all have our cancers
we ask what they answer
fly under safety wing

feeling the shivers of vape pen high
trying to under stand macromoltek
for antibod, an it bodes, animal
three years in, falling to 
nothing my life pain fangs
crushing just holding to sanity 
barely there
barely here
life is dream
life is not real
micro or macro or humanization
waiting I’m rather patient.

now I’m seeing some
mid-size plane passerine
literal giant plane toy
looks like
he caught a big fish

tarjimly translates that.

they did things with India’s top

we sat on the bench
breaking our hearts

I just chilled with him yesterday
helped eddie with his mediation cushion
100 thousands sites with butt tons of traffic
pay Universe to host easy builds
new: follow sites when they get updated
joe seriously crushes delivery
and saas don’t lie.

runa but not the tea though

cannabis the lubricant
the fresh fallen snow
souring the power of 
powder to blow nose

aerones the sentinel
popping your sockets
waking up neo
wind turbines today
embryonic human batteries tommorow

qulture dot rocks 
can you dig this thing
stable and growing latam
$800k per a year

pharma from scratch
machine learning based
millions of molecules
clinical! Reverie Labs
drugs coming quickly

simple (too simple) font
news crumbled to click bait

new crypto guys ben
franklin would be long ether
bitcoin for
venezuelan inflation

missed one for a piss run

back for slite
more collaborative
way to write

I can recommend “yc alumni demo day,
where the clementines are seedless
and the companies grow to seed.”

piccolo cv cam casts magic

gasper and miha built tingles
frisson asmr vid plan
people love asmr content
some calm headspace

but if you want to stress out instead:
damn you believe it
does well
knowing who will leave

George with fun hair of sixfold
(looks purplish turqoise in the stage rainbow light)
crispr’s for cancer
are these young techs for real?
shine in bold british teal

along with callisto, tequitable
protecting women at work
rocking the ombuds: it works
harrassment happens to 85% women
94% don’t report.

i just wanna chill
maybe wing it
fly far enough
might need
if you do
want to impress
her just wing it, 
you’ll love what it do.

tipe never manage text
lots of users, 20 in batch
teal kitty swoosh hoodies
tipe beats yaml

mind all wandering 
in toilet stalls
and squandering of mega-mills
how the hell I get here
kan his second demo day
captivateIQ just went
my head is bent
my head is bent
my head is bent

skin delivery avro
patches beat pills
bypass the GI tract
I hit rocky patch
and came out wiser
I hit a nicopatch and 
swigged on cider
the poet the bard
the tech insider

sudden coffee
hell yea dank morning
game changer
zloof that

I aspire
to life
aspirations of dusty desert angels
round solutions
right angles
dancing on fell st. 
I worry about my plants on fell st.
the bonsai, the little guys
think of my little plants
growing out front Fell st. 

crowd thins out
late in the day
just a couple few hundred of us left
listen there’s: storyline
alexa apps 
content platform
there’s some fire there
unique insight

austin woolridge
players lounge 
big month revenue
how is this legal
expanding my mind
he’s ceo
zach is p coo

last break
come back at 5:53
get some coffee
do some talking
im nervous and half stoned


that was a short break
what kind of 

one more. one fucking more.

slides are ready
week on week high percentage
vomit on his YC sweater already
paul’s spaghetti
but the software service looks bomb
and ready to draw throngs

let's do this
the last lap begins
mental endurance sports
cardio is the new religion

thats a lot of co’s
dog one health 
cancer of the pooch
a sad stage

my tennis coach
waited for us
now waits for me
asked “where’s dulma” 
my family wondered
sour to explain
disappearing love
to the disappearing

finbar with the 
joy divis tee
shogun up against shopify

trusu against milk powder
poet’s brain fried
replaying sad conversations
break ups 
hot anger
and tears
eyeliner running
wasn’t always there
her hair was long
we rolled together
collapsing into her
arms I said
“so many things I could say to you”
and so many things I did say
no sharp could keep me away

.. get a hold of ourself man

ok ok

anjuna is a start up
they have a six person team
how much is your company worth
mine, not worth anything.

cancer again tradewind biosci
brain straight on FRY
sunday - why and try?

harkening back
to the day.

standing at her threshold for the “last time”
is there even a reality?
in the extreme dark 
with my little vampire
is there a reality?
is there a science
to this atom and quark?

‘with women its very emotional with the clothes’
is sure to cause waves
brought by ropeo

humble I like
their clothes
real estate
grey scales

talked share trade with jared
now jidois  up
doggies come hoover these
cheetoh’s up

nearly missed secure sqreen

karen and alex with onederful
good to go names pain claims came
teeth were maimed, she was left 
with some cheese to change
and now comes through
it’s mental: a dental game.

culture robotics
we grow organismz
the future if you want
some crazy ass blenders
superbot legit 
it really crisps things
revenue leaves a bit less fear

personalized powder
build up your bulk
and not to demean its
brotein and hotein
ok, sistein for chapels soul fit

hope filled. 
a promise
don’t cell people up.
riding a moment
when crim just
is ripe for change.

don’t mind me
oim joist a lawyaw
oh harvard educated and what
somehow it angles in atrium
make templatization a breeze
and that’s easy to see 
law yaw, dont yawn brah.

in the lobby
the atrium
my money is there
I want to stack more
cash ad infinitum makes me
not the only grinchy guy here.

to leap
in tech
talk safely online
for women by women

a technical 





still she in my peripheral
my signs are literal
chillin like a million

t h i
s i s
e s c
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1250208 2018-02-20T06:13:16Z 2018-03-07T05:47:33Z first day of yc
The air is crisp
PG was kind enough to take us on a walk:
he gave us a tiny redwood seed.
I’m standing on the roof of the apartment
mountains loom at my back
a blue piscine in the courtyard ahead of me.
It’s time to go in to YC
time for the first dinner.

jan 6, 2013
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1249733 2018-02-19T01:42:47Z 2018-02-20T00:48:25Z scrolling face
the mouse pointer
looks like a fly
on the screen

whole lives
mesmerized getting high
on the screen

staring hours 
ticking fingers 
on keys

rubbing on touch 
pad scrolling 
down feeds

click it
quick hit
then the pleasure fades

scroll for more
doses as dusk
dusts the days

tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1246882 2018-02-13T00:37:27Z 2018-02-13T00:37:27Z blood moon
Crow arguing with
The blackbirds

We are lost at sea

At play were the elements
Fire conversing with tree

The boats on the water
At harbor
Buoyed and bobbed
In tumultuous wake

In the wind all
The church steeples bent
Over backwards not wanting 
To break

Coyotes and witches
All cackled and howled
At a bloody full moon

A mischievous
Handkerchief wove from
Unwilling Gossamer:
Unspun cocoon
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1228748 2018-01-08T22:21:14Z 2018-01-13T19:07:23Z town and country
This town is a city
this city a country
this country a freak show
a fricassee!

This app is a salad
with sap - that’s a ballad
this song is a mallard
ducks died
in my peking pank.

Out my office window
fly five to ten birds
they wheel in the wind.

A chocolate croissant
is my means
and end.
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1203912 2017-11-07T20:33:24Z 2017-11-07T20:33:24Z Sausalito Docks
Could be sansevierias
Crushing it in the noon-glow
Or disk backing in new moon halo
Wiggling luminensces
Finger tracing the big fig
We were out by the dark docks
Nostrilling cold air by boat glimmer
Bouncing stars off black baywater
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1200946 2017-10-25T20:46:35Z 2017-10-25T20:46:44Z Snot..
but ‘twere my nog to doff
I’d be
parting the waters like
C. Frogglehoff

but ‘twere my bewn to pick
I’d be
mushing up a stone
to prick
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1200945 2017-10-25T20:44:17Z 2017-10-25T20:44:17Z In Tokyo 9.25.17
here in tokyo
the crickets chirp
some bike wheels by
harajuku is quiet at night
the balcony is a dense space
airconditional drone and whir the sounds
a violint cicada chimes in overwhelm
water in my copper jar
self administered foot massage
poet on a harajuku night
she is in the shower
monday night
in japan.
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1200927 2017-10-25T18:44:11Z 2018-04-06T06:07:03Z Tig Bearneeoth
Tig bearneeoth, starlee soff sconofforomp
drootching oop them nardigrarnts
party parnts arn.

Fallaroffororopop um cardiac pernoperonct?
Eh, tardy carly hoffle opt’n
topple thought vine.

Hooskibri milaculoien -
hardly scared mopolopsy
tinder binging auto talkers
toggle at me.
tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1180314 2017-08-04T01:42:31Z 2017-09-22T22:00:40Z Schizophrenic Dancers

Boogie waltz or martial arts
on grimy Frisco street
pop and locking
mutter talking
Dance! is on the schizoid wavebrain today

one man blocks Market street
with smooth butter moves
forearms spinning like drone ‘pellers
catching his glimpse
in the marble pane of a scraper deli

zig zagging Battery a frantic shuffler
left hand gripping his jeans
ass fallen out the back
cigarette in the careening right
pirouetting, blaspheming
breaking the unspoken “no contact” rule
as he bursts past a lady in the bus line
saggy soles rubber every
inch of the pavement -
Stomp and Wheel!

a kung fu master
feet squared between
lamp post and newspaper box
clutching a bag of baccy
elbow strike,
combination punch,
swooping knifehand,
ecstatic, magical tai chi
building an energy ball,
summoning change

Today they break out in dance
on the Frisco street -
schizo crazy
livens gloomy techhead
as the moon waxes gibbous
they swing wild arms
jitterbug down forgotten lanes
bare ass in broad daylight
with a swagger no sane
square can stand to

tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1178188 2017-07-28T21:04:38Z 2017-07-28T21:04:38Z starbucks at 6am (part II)

mercedes pulls up
dude gets out
big belly, red shirt
nike swoosh on his white ball cap
black shorts and he got on flip flops
goes straight for the Chronicle
and heads to the register.
suspense - will he get a drink?
orders a small dark roast.
whispy white hair on his thick neck.

little does he know!
little do they know!

little does the man with the big sheet of
orange highlighter - he’s been to Walgreens
He nibs the page, middle aged!

Starbucks at 6 in the morning!
In they pour! Out they jumble!
OOH the drinks!
OOOH OOOH  OOH the drinks!
the snacks
the WiFi

little do they know!
little do they know!

little does the blonde barista know
probably 17
his hair waved in a doo
straight from 1950
green apron on, he glances ‘round
his tattered blue shirt
looks to be passed down.
little does he know!

lttle does the pigeon know
that quarbles in the muck
drinking sludgy water from a
shallow puddle in the lot
puffy mantle iridescing
in the dawnlight.

tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1178186 2017-07-28T20:53:07Z 2017-07-28T20:53:14Z starbucks at 6am (part I)

am plugged in
on the power mat.


giggles as she reads
a poem by Craig Raine
page 832.


she’s onto Rita Dove
page 862
Modern Poetry.


mond cappuchino does
is sit be sipped and chucked
the lid’s a total waste.

tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1177507 2017-07-27T04:30:23Z 2017-07-28T21:23:45Z tahoe sky

the animate swallows of
tahoe wood meadows
drift pine top to pine top
on carnival wings

they squeak across blueness
announcing existence
and twirl through the breezes
quick moths of the day

dive, glide, and whistle
white breasted as penguins
then outstretch like aerocraft
slicing the sky

the pines thrust up heavenly
no death about them
lusty green needles
buttress every spare twig

men in the distance blast
something post-Beethoven
kick drum, guitar, bass
a car door slams shut

her atmosphere cherishes
all that it caresses
pines, larks, a poet,
the stones by the shore.

tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1177504 2017-07-27T04:19:33Z 2017-07-27T04:20:32Z working distractedly

in the office, shirked my task
broke decorum, grabbed the flask
immoderate I scanned the hackneyed atlas
for an evanescent buzz.
pigeon holed, a techie mole
hunting for subterranean bugs

back at my house, I met a man
told of childhood effluvium
sewage leak his father fixed
but all years later still smelled piss
in every bucket's flumchuck
left to fume in dank garage.

McCain's brain tumor: fresh news gore
he'd dodged the firing squad at war
but now stood trial by combat with
his own neuronal stew:
the terracotta warrior shattered
to reach for mending glue.

tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1170049 2017-07-03T18:09:23Z 2017-07-03T18:09:23Z typewritten poem 1

tag:esc.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1168503 2017-06-28T15:39:48Z 2017-07-03T18:08:39Z manifest0z_1_dreamnet

Dreamnet started as a simple experiment in sleep science and firmly within the well understood realms of electro-encephalography (EEG), but quickly expanded into a concept that challenged our very conceptions of the nature of reality and the capabilities of the human mind.

For the uninitiated, EEG is a technology where you place a small electrical sensor, usually dipped in a sticky saline solution onto the head of an experimental subject. These sensors act as receivers for whatever electrical activity happens to be taking place at that spot, and they can also be placed on the eyes (EOG) and other parts of the body such as the wrists to pick up nerve and muscle action in those areas. A very common practice in sleep science is to connect these sensors to the head, or other body parts, and monitor the progression of sleep over the course of the night.

What has been determined through this study is that there are some very clearly measurable signals that correspond to different parts of the waking and sleep cycle. This has allowed sleep researchers to break down sleep into some categories you have probably heard of. In particular, REM sleep coincides with a lot of frenetic motion of the eyes which can be picked up on a EOG, as well as increased sexual arousal. Meanwhile, NREM is a deeper sleep with it’s own characteristic brain wave patterns. 

While there was for a long time a misconception that only REM sleep involves dreaming, EEG technology has allowed sleep researchers to wake people up in the middle of particular kinds of sleep, such as NREM and ask them if they were dreaming, which has confirmed that in some cases NREM can also be a time of dreaming. 

Beyond these two well known states there are also transitions between the two, as well as a unique sleep onset phase which has some characteristics of NREM but also unique characteristics. All of these can be parsed apart and typified by reading out the EEG data of a sleeping subject.

EEG does a decent job of showing how the brain and physiology act differently during various stages of sleep and dream, but what about the phenomenological experience of the sleeping person? As much data as we can gather, it doesn’t answer the question of “what does this type of sleep feel like?” and for that we turn to another discipline, one which is more esoteric. 

Oneironauts use the practice of lucid dreaming to create a phenomenological map of the dreaming mind. In a lucid dream, the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming, and hence, more likely to be able to recall and later record what each phase of sleep felt like, or how the transitions between them felt. An oneironaut can tell you what sleep onset feels like: a painting-like hallucination seemingly designed to trick your mind into thinking you are still awake. Then the stages of NREM sleep, devolving from having some visuals into a place where there is only darkness, the feeling of being whipped about by a terrifying wind, and cacophonies of otherworldly music.

It might be wondered if the level of awareness in the oneironauts observing and recording these experiences are truly indicative of what the sleep experience would be if they were not lucid. In fact, it has been analyzed and there’s a very specific different between brain activity in a lucid individual from a non-lucid one, which has to do with high levels of activation in the 40Hz range of the dorso-lateral prefrontal cortex. 

Where things get interesting is when you take the woo-woo of oneironautics and lucid dreaming and mash it up with the technologies of EEG and other rapidly improving BCI tech. A great example of this was the first experiment in which it was confirmed that lucid dreaming is in fact a real phenomenon. This was performed by Stephen LaBerge, who has been the main research scientist working on lucid dreaming. In this study LaBerge instructed a subject to fall asleep, become lucid, and then, during REM sleep, to signal via a pre-determined eye motion - up-down-up-down-up-down, that they were aware from within the dream.

The subject was able to complete this task, so while their brainwaves were characteristic of REM sleep in other ways, the REM pattern was interrupted by a very definitive up-down pattern that was decided on prior to the experiment. That experiment paved the way for Dreamnet by making one half of the equation possible: it was the first time that a human being communicated electronically from the dreaming universe out into the physical waking universe. 

The logical next step for the creators of Dreamnet was to close that loop - to build a technology that would allow a human in the physical world to communicate in to a dreaming person using stimuli such as flashes of light and light vibrations on the skin. With these in place it was now possible for a dreaming person to communicate into and out of the physical waking world.

What this facilitated was a major step forward that pushed the boundaries of how we think about reality. What makes dreams “fake” while waking reality is “real”? Waking reality is consistent, but perhaps more importantly, it is shared. We can agree on it, we can communcate across it. If waking reality were not shared, agreed upon, and communicable across, it would be nothing more than a very consistent dream. 

Dreams have their own mystique. Rather than being tethered to the relative scarcity of the physical universe, they unlock a world of creative potential and abundance. The creators of Dreamnet sought to combine the best aspects of waking reality and dreaming together in one, not by taking the simulation route that has been heavily worked upon by the virtual reality industry, but by bringing the stability and communicability of the physical world, using electronics, into the creative infinity of dream life. 

To experience Dreamnet, two subjects prime themselves for lucid dreaming. Currently, this requires both sleepiness and the addition of either an electronic aid, such as a TCMS targeting the DLPFC, or a supplement such as galantamine which causes lucid dreaming a high percent of the time in subjects. These subjects are then instructed that their communication “output” is to be an eye signal such as the one in LaBerge’s experiment: up-down, up-down. And their input is to feel for a buzz or watch for a flash of light. They know who they are planning “meet up with” while in dream, and once they are in lucid REM, they signal to connect to that person. Their partner in turn receives the buzz or light flash, and can say “hello” back. 

It is a simplistic type of communication, akin to early telegraphs, but it brings a connectedness into the creative space of a dream that would have previously been either unthinkable or thought to merely be an illusion. Dreamnet is used to connect dreaming people together electronically and over the internet.

As BCI and lucid dream induction technologies improve, it’s conceivable that some day in the future you might be standing in a dream literally next to a friend experiencing it together in a more immersive relief than what can ever be provided by waking virtual reality technologies. The immersive capabilities are miles ahead because it’s facilitated by a natural technology that our minds have always had the capacity for.

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A human sits by a wall. A human sees the ground, and a wall. These two are at a right angle from one another. One goes up. It might as well go up to infinite heaven. One goes across. It might as well extend out horizontalizing to inifinite earthness. The ground does do that. The ground - infinity through roundness. Groundness.

A human perceives something. What they perceive is tinier than the room they are in - they can’t perceive the wall. Can’t perceive the ground, for it’s true groundness. The human perceives only a tiny - infinitely tiny - rendition of these things. It is a view so personal as to be insignificant. How many human perspectives on the wall would it take to embody the wall? One? One million? The number is infinity, and the scope of human perception is infinitely small. It is nothing. 

A human perceives something. What they perceive is groundier than the ground they sit on. The human perception is a factor of every moment of existence in every corner of the universe past and future. The human perspective is a lighthouse on a promontory - scanning a dizzying horizon. The closer a human looks at a wall, the more wall there is to perceive, the harder they focus on the grounds recession into horizon, the more particulate oomph unfurls itself. There is no limit to human perception - one moment of perception by one human is infinitely large - as to encompass the entirety of the universe. As to pack the universe into a crevice in a brick wall. A human in Maine, listening hard enough, can hear cathedral bells from Rome. The fuzzy tendrils of human perception can never be said to terminate at any fixed point. 

Are humans “doin’ too much?” Is the modern world a crisis of sufficiency? Is it good enough? Big enough? Skinny enough? Is it up and to the right? Is it staring back along a desert skyline with lazy eyes, cigarette hanging off a loose grin? Does it flick the butt into the sand, stomp, and smear it with a brown leather boot? Does it have a critically acclaimed sequel? 

Humans are pissing. Pissing on graves. Pissing into the flowerbeds. Pissing into the wind, feeling the splatter, hoisting up their sweatpants.

Humans are moaning, making, marvelling, mooning each other. Humans are sitting at slightly uncomfortable chairs because the other place doesn’t have as good of coffee. Humans are asking about the wifi password. They are leaving because there’s no wifi. Babies are spluttering out of the womb and asking about the wifi password.

A group of extremist billionaire closet Republicans from a mansion overlooking Silicon Valley coordinated with the Chinese government to receive a sample of Mao Zedong’s DNA. That DNA is sitting inside of a biotech labratory in Santa Clara waiting to change the course of human history. But so did a dead house fly in one of the corners behind the fridge.