Teespring Rap Version 1

there was a website called the spring of tees

where they crowdfund dope shirts on the daily

no money down plus money in the bank

if you can sell ten man, you know who to thank

easy to use easier to love

innovative? useful? dope? all of the above

so come make your tee cause it's all on "we"

hit a founder up for a discount, g

if you got a klout score like kim k

you could prolly make 10 g's or more a day

even normal people from the north to the south

use teespring just to put food in they kid's mouths

one young chick even buying a house

with her profits off teespring (large amounts)

so if you into shirts into cash have a club

in a band raising money have some fans on the web

if you want it high quality and no cost down

teespring is the thing, other sites is clowns.