siren song

thinking one step ahead, two
machines were required to do 
all the thinking we 
had to do

all of us clinking
a pitcher or two

some of us stitching to sew

but look we invented'um
vited'um, took our delight in'um
pulled all the guts out the
side'a them
now we take pride in ignitin' a
flight to the highest of heights
but that's capital
a to gen z to jan 6 at the capitol
woke as modafinil
crying my face off like
daffy the acid bill
catch me outside
in a ride that's theatrical
alla my money aprocryphal
out a my
noggin taboggin
more guap than aladin's
been hiding inside of 
cavern most frightening
most of em run at the sightofem
I'd a been 
// sliding through these deepfeels 
like airlocks
si'ts esc //