i long for america

for strange bi-ways
birds nesting in an old cracked
flourescent sign
diners open late
diners open early
career ending portions
gravy flooded eggy biscuits

i long for
hours to our one downloaded playlist
german shepherd hanging out the window
of a passing truck
must be going one hundred

motels we almost don’t want to sleep in
the best sleep as morning splits the venetians 
tents on a desert campsite

magenta flame lit dusky mountain
rancid odors in an odd alley

turning the corner to glimmrin’ metropolis
turning the corner
seeing endless blue shimmer
endless grey rumble

a cigarette by the wind whipped corn tops
hot muggy take your shirt off
buggy skeeters 

snow blown cottages 
from a long time ago
candle in every window

your creaky dawn-voice
“can we sleep for another hour?”

dew on the car outside.