words in a window

the farthest thing from fucking up
was sliding down and upping chuck

here we have linquent mootzart
strimming frimma tree
strimming earthly tewrds the nibble
stroaning for a glee

here we have the lumpent sue
a qualid wally muff
who dons all day upon the loof
and hardly lifts a tuft

normbus nation that we stride
in flimmrin’ brandicoot
the cash all spent in sacred stride
from sea to polished boot
and furbished circumstance
furby, furking urp
please just
leave me
do your dance. I’m stuck. 

told me: evan
this is nonsense
told me: stuff is runk
tried to say this 
niftiness is blankness
playing bunk. 

Sure, we have our caveats
or divets, our divides
we once divert in sinfulness
sip sugared cyanide
yeah, the longfelt loneliness
we whimper deep we cry
hold it all within our souls
the thickness of our hide.

the crump fucked dibblington
the ever branging-scoot
the little tykes on three wheelers
the pigeons blarping poop
the dweebs, the dicks, the dumbellinas
swigging sweet champagne
the wispy witted narrow nose kids
asking for more pain.
the stroller pushing lulemoms
kids, don’t know their luck
this we offer to you for
three seam encrusted bucks.