Tig Bearneeoth

Tig bearneeoth, starlee soff sconofforomp
drootching oop them nardigrarnts
party parnts arn.

Fallaroffororopop um cardiac pernoperonct?
Eh, tardy carly hoffle opt’n
topple thought vine.

Hooskibri milaculoien -
hardly scared mopolopsy
tinder binging auto talkers
toggle at me.
2 responses
Hi Evan, Thanks for your poems. They’re really interesting. I really like the Tokyo poem. It conveys a sense of place and atmosphere as well as the intimacy of two people in a confined space and at a certain time. I think it does all this beautifully. It’s a lovely little poem. I’m afraid I don’t know what to say about the other poems. I’m left feeling that I’m out of touch with what poetry today aims to convey. Tig Bearneeoth puts me in mind of Jabberwocky but doesn’t have the swing. On the other hand, I wonder if it’s a transliteration of some Mongolian thing that’s beyond me. I’d like your comments. Similarly, the untitled piece has me baffled but gives me an uncomfortable feeling. “Snot”, unless made comprehensible by context, doesn’t strike me as “poetic”. But then again, maybe I’m out of touch. Anyhow, I hope you’ll keep sending me more. Even when I don’t understand, I’m extremely interested. Hope you’re enjoying the family reunion! Grnddy.
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