scrolling face

the mouse pointer
looks like a fly
on the screen

whole lives
mesmerized getting high
on the screen

staring hours 
ticking fingers 
on keys

rubbing on touch 
pad scrolling 
down feeds

click it
quick hit
then the pleasure fades

scroll for more
doses as dusk
dusts the days

1 response
Hi Evan, Thank you for the poems. I keep reading them. I like scrolling face better than Blood Moon. scrolling face has more of a swing to it and the imagery is more coherent. The occasional rhyme and assonance, too, makes it more appealing (to me). The imagery in blood moon is sharp, evocative but a bit too fragmented. Keep ‘em coming! How do you have time for this with all the other great stuff we talked about the other day? Hope to see you again soon…………..Grnddy.