A nervous circle
fragrant room
our raft a bed
tub jet rapids lie ahead
intentions, attention to details
exhales… inhales… 
what to expect?
a tender tricep.

yoga poses, meditations
should we have the lights on?
are you feeling it?
who is feeling it. 
bitter water.
our time is standing
still with arms outstretched
rubbed by a hundred hands

sensations escalate
empathy blooms
scatter brained crazy love head kids 
rolling funny on the floor
cuddling baby bunnies
collapse into feelings

for the ringing of the bowls

bathing in resonance
a bowl on your belly
a bowl on her hip
our bowls are full tonight
overflowing with loving vibration
souls syncing sweetly
in frequency
let’s bathe again!
all in the shower
before we fully immerse
chilly tikes tottering down 
skipping a broken stair
are we there yet
are we there yet?

oh my god. 
hot water feels amazing.
the word “temperature-gasm” 
is experienced fully by each
penguin in the flock 
as they dunk into the steam
locked in our invincible paradise
what’s next? another wash - our souls
open hearts shattering into
shameless open strength

poets lock hands
An orange falls from a stand
a shopkeep looks on as a little boy
picks it up
rips the skin off with his teeth
licks the sticky juice as it rolls down 
the corners of his mouth
poets breath. 

soothing a dozen lubed calf tensions
basking in beauty beyond comprehension
beyond going back
in this world magic sap
oozes from each of the crinkles and creases
of grins that’ll never wipe off of our faces

in this sap, there’s a mineral
ancient and wise
we can smear on our palms
and rub into our thighs

in other words:
I love you guys.