How to Get Things Done

Do something from your todo list.

If there’s no todo list, add a tasks to your main todo list for your current focus project

Do something from your todo list

If you are trying to get something done but can’t because you lack knowledge, ask for help. 

If you ask for help, create documentation of what you learned so that in the future, you never have to ask for help with that same thing again.

If you can’t focus, feel uninspired, don’t want to do something from your todo list, etc. do something from your “sidetrack” todo list.

If there’s nothing on your sidetrack list, add your side tasks to the list.

If you can’t focus enough to even do something from the sidetrack list, take a break with a defined end point. Exercise is the best way to spend time, then eating, then total time wasters / distractions like browsing FB, reading articles, checking on whatever stuff you check on. It’s ok to do these things, but put a limit it on it like “I will read one article” or “I will do 20 push ups” 



- when you complete something on a todo list mark it as [DONE]
- all tasks on lists should be things with a finite endpoint which can be marked as done. Don’t add tasks of a vague or continual nature such as “keep an eye on the progress of project X” instead it should be “ask co-worker about the status of project X and create Tasks for things you can help with" 
- The purpose of this practice is to spend as much time as possible in a mode where you are focused on completing specific tasks and where you'll be able to feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish them. It makes large tasks feel more approachable. 
- With all the project management and productivity tools available - I still find that the best thing for my own day to day task list is a text file or hand written list where I can just cross things off or write "done" when they are complete.