How to Fly in Dreams

Flying in dreams is a very rewarding experience. Short of hang gliding or sky diving it's the only way for a normal person to have the experience of taking flight. It can be beautiful, relaxing, meditative, exhilarating - it can really feel like you are flying.

What I've also found is that it's often possible to realize that flight is possible in dreams short of actual lucid dreaming. In other words you may not realize you are dreaming but still realize that you can fly and enact it. That said it's helpful to train your flight abilities in lucid dreams because you can put that extra intentionality into your flight technique that then informs future lucid and non-lucid flight. 

So let's say you are dreaming and you want to fly. One thing that can quickly overwhelm the experience is the question of where you are flying to. You can focus on a particular point in your vision and imagine pulling yourself towards it. You may move in the direction but the feeling of flight is not necessarily there, especially if you keep thinking about what you are going to see over the horizon or around the bend.

Another approach would be to focus on pushing yourself along through the air. Putting the intentionality into the motion vs the destination. This "push" approach can sometimes work but often doesn't allow the mental space to figure out direction and feels belabored.

Satisfying flight is more about the sensation of flowing through the air and a sense of controlling the direction in which you travel. What I've found is the best path to this experience is to use an object similar to the sail on a boat. Imagine if you were as light as a feather and holding a large flat object to catch the wind. You'd be flying around and able to control your direction by turning and positioning your "sail". 

In summary my experiences with flying indicate that a superman approach (pushing yourself forward through the air by force of will) and a spiderman approach (pulling yourself towards a fixed point in the distance) are less effective than more of a Mary Poppins approach (grab the nearest umbrella and let yourself be pulled along by the wind).