Battleground State

I dreamed that bills in my big fat wallet
were pink - minted by the KKK.
Then I woke up and saw all the Jackson’s
on my twenties - Dear God, was it just a dream?

So I tried to ask god,
ended up asking Google
read a Wikipedia article about President Jackson
and the Indian Removal.

Some Indians killed 400 settlers in a massacre,
they had their issues too.
Jackson drew new lines 
on the map and said: “all ya’ll gotta move.”

Forced relocation of the Cherokee,
Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Creek
to some really nice land near Missouri
“You’ll feel at home in a week."

A President set a precedent:
“The Trail of Tears”
still how our justice system deals with minorities after
after all these years.

we killed and stole for our freedom:
to own the whole span of it
from sea to shining sea
and now the whole damn planet.

no wonder we still worship him
big face on the twenty
giving thanks
from the land of plenty, it's