a little story

here’s a little story:
I achieved start up glory
when I was twenty four
in the year twenty fourteen

always on chat, emails and calls
no white lines of code on my black wall
hanging by my neck from the wing of a plane
put an HBO show to shame

with my live game.
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I was expecting a Fresh Prince riff, and I'm more than a little disappointed it didn't happen. I've decided to make it happen. soooooo here's a little story all about how my boy Evan's got life got turned upside down in Providence town getting educated Evan had idea that got him remunerated He moved to SF to attract some talent, moved to Milbrae when he got nailed by rent but, the fool still tries to achieve his dreams, buying old property that's breaking at the seams. Potrero Hill was for mark and tricks but Evan is there bringing real shit back to the mix, and something something something, I have work to do. Peace, Alex
I could of had a palace out in rockridge on a hill but bart's in need of upgrades and the mission's happy meals still that money lead to dumbness I could never deny but I had to dump it somewhere and non-profits will have to wait til im 29
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